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A pastor since 1979, Louis DeMeo has been heavily involved in church planting and evangelism. Having lived internationally for over 25 years, Louis has been called to share God's Word around the world through evangelism, Bible teaching and discipleship. Louis founded one of France's largest Bible colleges from 1984 to present where numerous pastors and teachers have shared in his work. Louis DeMeo currently heads up Men's Groups throughout Southern California, discipling men and couples, teaching the Bible and counseling.

Louis and his wife, Janey, have their M. Div and M.A. from Luther Rice University. Louis is also an integral part of Orphans First (, a non-profit ministering to orphans and impoverished children in several countries and founded by Janey DeMeo.


Congressman Tom Tancredo

"The DeMeos stood up for the Gospel during their two decades in France in spite of pressures, challenges and various forms of discrimination. 

Their work has included the planting of churches, a day school and seminary as well as working on religious liberty issues.  I consider them to be people of integrity and warmth, with tenacious leadership qualities."

Bill Myers - Author-producer

"Louis is one of those rare men of God  who is gifted with being both a visionary and shepherd. His commitment to seeking God's will and setting about to accomplish it no matter how difficult the call, is equal only to his care and compassion for the individual. 

I count it a pleasure to know Louis and envy any who would have the opportunity to work side by side with him. His commitment, persistence, and compassion is an example for us all."

Doug Wead - Author. speaker, former Assistant to the President GHW Bush

" The work that Louis did in 22 yrs. in France was one of the most effective evangelical outreaches in that country in its history.  A difficult assignment, with mammoth cultural and legal challenges. 

Both Louis and Janey are of excellent character, both are driven by their love of God and a desire to help others.  Janey's work in India with abused and orphaned children, is the most recent example of the kind of program they can ignite and bring to completion.  I cannot recommend them any higher."

Bill Bright - Campus Crusade

"We continue to be excited by all the marvelous things our Great God and Savior is accomplishing through you in France. Truly,  He has used you powerfully to make a tremendous impact in that lost and troubled country."

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